Website Design in Today’s Market

More than ever, a business should have a high impact website that’s backed with a proper organized Internet Marketing plan.  Just having a website these days is not good enough for an online presence or as a lead generation source.  Website Design is a key element to any internet marketing plan.

In today’s market, 97% of all consumers now use online media when searching for a product and/or services in their local area. The average online searcher expects for your website to load in two seconds or less, and once on your website you have 3 seconds to capture their attention within the visual pan. With the introduction of Google Instance, a tool for previewing a website within the search engine, website design has also been bumped up in carrying weight for the search engine results pages.

These numbers and observations say one thing. For a business to have a successful internet marketing plan the first step is to have a processional developed, high impact, and lead generation geared website. At Lercher Media Works that’s exactly what we offer.  In a recent study, 76% of consumers want a website that makes it easy to find what they want.  Lercher Media Works offers a complete website with a clear navigation and structure that are designed and built for ranking in the search engines and   generating leads for you and your business.

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Mobile World!

In Today’s Market, your website is your online store front.  More and more web user are researching and viewing website from their mobile device. In a recent survey, more than 80% of mobile web users would access websites more often from their phone if the experience was as fast and reliable as it is at home. Those age 21 – 44 and heavier mobile web users are the groups that would most likely access mobile websites much more often if performance was better.

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