Bing Will Roll Out Their Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm In The Upcoming Months

mobile-smartphone-algorithm-seo-ss-1920-800x450Following Google’s lead, Bing announces they will launch a mobile friendly algorithm, but this one won’t be any Mobilegeddon.

Bing has announced they will be introducing their own version of mobile friendly ranking signals in the upcoming months. With that, Bing explained how they determine if a web page is mobile friendly, when they will add the mobile friendly label to your site and what tools they have to help webmasters ensure their sites are mobile friendly.

Unlike Google, Bing has not specified a date for when the mobile friendly algorithm will launch. Instead, Bing is taking a slower approach to it, in order to make sure to get webmaster feedback along the way. Bing team told me that they are doing this in order to better communicate the changes, over time, before it happens, to reduce potential anxiety with this change.

Bing has seen a shift in the mobile space in the past year and has focused their efforts over that time in building out mobile friendly factors for Bing mobile search.

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